Here is a link to Region 7 ESC staff's virtual hours.

Here is a link to Region 7 ESC's At-Home Resource, a great website for all content areas, including specials classes, SPED, CTE, etc.

GT Summer Camp scholarship- emails went out 2-3 weeks ago of students who were awarded a scholarship to attend a summer camp. Did any BS student receive a scholarship? R7 is saying all that applied did receive a scholarship, and there were 38 students throughout the region that applied. If a BS student did receive a scholarship, please send out the letter that you received from Region 7 to the parents. LETU summer camps are still on schedule and will begin mid-June. Texas A&M and TAMU-Galveston are pushing June camps back to July.

Region 7 ESC has sent out a GT survey from Donna Ashby about GT seminars. This would have gone to teachers who had registered students to participate in those seminars. You may want to check with your GT teacher(s) about the survey. There are GT Zoom meetings once a week specific to GT, and Donna Ashby is the Region 7 contact for GT.

Can teachers read aloud online or use some kind of audio/video format? There is a concern about violating copyright laws, especially if its a recording. Generally, we are covered under "fair use" laws, especially since we are not selling the audio/video recordings. But, let's be sure it's for educational and student-use/classroom-use only. There is no concern at all for "live" reading/interaction with students. Your Region 7 ESC contact for this concern is Michelle Cooper, and here is a link to some of her information online. Here is a link for some eBooks you can read now. Here is a link to an article by EdSurge on this topic.

Census 2020, click here for more information. There is no specific role of the ISD regarding the census other than to promote it so families will enroll and complete the information.

With Zoom being so user-friendly, there are some additional resources and warnings. For example, Hawkins Elementary does a Zoom with students twice a week. They prefer Zoom, because you can call in and participate even if you don't have internet/video equipment. For Zoom tips and tricks, click here. Starting a meeting tips, click here. Zoom scheduling a meeting, click here. Unfortunately, as great as Zoom is (or any other teleconferencing app), there are bad people doing bad things. Such as, joining your Zoom meeting and taking it over, showing inappropriate pictures or making inappropriate noises. For more FBI warnings and suggestions on this, click here.

Non-core content staff (PE, Art, music, etc.)- some districts are providing one activity a week, or a “bingo” board of numerous activities to choose from. Nacogdoches Fine Arts teachers each have classroom pages or Google Classrooms set up and are instructing through those platforms. You can check out NISD's Fine Arts website. SFA is providing an art project per week on their YouTube channel, click here.

Instructional continuity- TEA's webpage, click here.

Special Education updates: click here to learn more.

Home & School Connections provided by EcoLand, click here for more info.

TEKS Resource? Click here. [online PD]
TEKS Resource, specifically the assessment creator? Click here. [online PD]
TEKS Guide? Click here. [online PD]

supporting students in SPED with online learning? Click here. [recorded PD]

using SEL strategies to help students? Click here. [recorded PD]

Bully Prevention? Click here. [online course]

understanding the CCMR Outcomes Bonus? Click here. [webinar]

Fostering Resilient Learners? Click here. [online PD]

Math Academy, click here

TEKS Breakdown, click here

EL Support TETN, click here

Lesson planning and design, click here

Classroom management, click here

Dyslexia instruction, click here

Online book study (math), click here

Inside-Out Math, click here

ELAR Hot Topics, click here

SPED Concepts for the Gen Ed teacher, click here

The Power of Instructional Routines, click here

Leading Schools Through C-19 Crisis, click here

Unlocking Emotional Blockades, click here

Advanced Google, click here

Date Session Title Session Presenter
May 5 Virtual Field Trips 092373 Michelle Cooper
May 6 Screencasting 092346 Holly Curry
May 7 Chrome Extensions 092363 Andy Adams
May 12 Digital Breakout Games 085712 Holly Curry
May 13 Coding Masterpieces 085751 Michelle Cooper
May 14 Basic Google Docs 092358 Holly Curry
May 19 Coding Your Digital Story 085753 Michelle Cooper
May 20 Adobe Spark 092357 Michelle Cooper
May 21 Google Sites 092365 Andy Adams
May 26 Marie Kondo your Digital Life 092420 Andy Adams
May 27 Simple Video Creation 092361 Holly Curry
May 28 Library Academy 085749 Michelle Cooper