Scan code for senior items, caps and gowns, graduation rings, letter jackets

Juniors and Seniors, the time to prepare for your graduation is now!

The QR code to the left can be used to access Balfour Graduate Sales to obtain information and order your senior items such as caps and gowns, graduation rings, letter jackets. You may also click the link below.


High school students of any grade level can use the following like to register with Going Merry and apply for scholarships!!!

Click here to register for Going Merry and apply for scholarships!

Here are some of the scholarships available through Going Merry!!!

Be someone's hero today. Send a kind word and let them know, bullying is not okay

Bullying Prevention

Over the past year, a lot of stories have been in the news about teens and young adults being bullied. Some of the incidents have ended tragically. Making choices is dedicated to preventing bullying among teens and kids. If you are being bullied, check out the websites below to get information that can help.

Community Resources

There are several websites dedicated to providing services such as free and reduced cost services like medical care, food, and job training to our community. The links to some of these are below: