The number of offices a student has held in school or community organizations or role as a captain of a sports team is an important aspect of leadership.  However, leadership also exists outside elected/appointed positions including effective participation in other co-curricular activities.  The following are some examples of a student who exemplifies leadership.

  1. Identifies issues and proposes solutions to problems
  2. Promotes school activities
  3. Exercises influence on peers in upholding school ideals
  4. Maintains a positive attitude
  5. Seeks position of responsibility
  6. Is reliable and dependable

 .   Character

A student of character demonstrates the following qualities:

  1. Honesty and integrity
  2. Respect for self and others
  3. Responsibility
  4. Fairness, compassion, and caring
  5. Does the right thing even when not being observed


Service is considered to be those actions that are done with or on behalf of others without any direct financial or material compensation.  Service may include contributions to school, to classmates, or to the community.  A student who demonstrates service exhibits the following:

  1. Participates in some outside community activity, such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, volunteers services for the aged, poor, or disadvantaged, or volunteers at the Humane Society.
  2. Works well with others (team player) and is willing to take on difficult tasks without regard for recognition.
  3. Cheerfully and enthusiastically renders any requested service for the school.


Both actions and attitudes are important for good citizenship.  An aspect of good citizenship is a person’s willingness to work hard to help his/her family, school, and community.  Good citizenship shows caring and concern for vulnerable members of the wider community   Good citizenship is demonstrated by the following:

  1. Peacefully settling disputes
  2. Responsibility for family, school, and community
  3. Treating others as one would like to be treated
  4. Respect for others’ views and beliefs