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Angie Andrews
Andrews, Angie
Geometry and AP Calculus
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Dr. Cindy Bauter
Bauter, Dr. Cindy
High School Principal
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Tim Bearden
Bearden, Tim
Fine Arts Director and UIL Coordinator
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Andrea Briscoe
Briscoe, Andrea
English Teacher
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Kelly Cook
Cook, Kelly
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Robin Crabtree
Crabtree, Robin
High School Secretary
Shelly CrazeCraze, Shelly
Charlie Downs
Downs, Charlie
US History Teacher
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Kathy Elliff
Elliff, Kathy
PEIMS Coordinator
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Lynette Goodner
Goodner, Lynette
Life skills
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Ronnie Humphries
Humphries, Ronnie
Biology, Env. Systems, and IPC Teacher
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Lorraine Kasmala
Kasmala, Lorraine
Chemistry and Forensic Science Teacher
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Ann Marie Marsh
Marsh, Ann Marie
Spanish Classes
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Renee Minter
Minter, Renee
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David Mitchell
Mitchell, David
English Teacher
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Terrie Rambo
Rambo, Terrie
Physics Teacher
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Linda Reaves
Reaves, Linda
Mathematics Department Chair
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Tina Rosenbalm
Rosenbalm, Tina
Ag and Floral Design Teacher
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Shana Schneider
Schneider, Shana
Special Education Teacher
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Daniel Shipman
Shipman, Daniel
W. Geography Teacher
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Delaney SmithSmith, Delaney
Ag Teacher
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Jimmy Smith
Smith, Jimmy
Digital Graphics, Yearbook Sponsor, Coach
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Kerry Strong
Strong, Kerry
Government and Economics Teacher
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Toni Turner
Turner, Toni
Jarrett Vancuren
Vancuren, Jarrett
AG Teacher
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Shannon Walker
Walker, Shannon
Special Education
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Sue Wilkins
Wilkins, Sue
Algebra I and Math Models
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Grant Woodson
Woodson, Grant
Band Director
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