Travel Forms
Pre-Travel Check List
Travel Request
Purchase Order - to print
Purchase Order - to type on

Post Travel Check List
Travel Expense
Purchase Order - to print

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  • Budget Amendment Form (Excel - Must save to your computer)
  • Budget Amendment Form (just to print)
  • Comp. Form (Excel - Must save to your computer)
  • Comp. Form (just to print)
  • Sole Source Form
  • Time Sheet - (Excel Must save to computer)
  • Time Sheet (just to print)
  • Absence from Duty (Excel)
  • Absence from Duty (to print)
  • Request for Discretionary Leave (Excel)
  • Purchase Order (Excel)
  • Mileage Log
  • Clinic Pass Form
  • Assessment Planner (Word)
  • Activity Account Forms
  • Fundraiser
  • Sponsor Agreement
  • Activity Check Request
  • Deposit Record
  • Money Collected
  • Fundraiser Recap
  • Funds Transfer
  • Classroom Inventory
  • Permission Form for Trips
  • X-Day Request
  • X-Day Attendance
  • Parent Contact Log
  • Grade Change
  • Office Grade Sheets
  • Grade Slips
  • Homework Form
  • AR Reading Log for File Folder
  • Teacher Input Sheet

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Teacher Retirement System
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