Message from Dr. Bauter

Big Sandy High School community:

WHAT A GREAT WEEK!!! Last year we finished fourth as a school at the Academic UIL meet. This year? 2nd!  And we send 17 students to Regionals in ten events. Read the Wildcat Weekly of 3/26/17 for details. 

And then, we won on the ball fields, and won at the track, and had a good week in tennis. 

Winning feels good. These students are starting to realize….winning feels good. 

On March 28 we have the English 1 STAAR end of course exam.

On March 30 we have the English 2 STAAR end of course exam. 

These exams matter to your students individually as the exams are required for graduation. They matter for us as a school, as we are assessed as a campus on TWO accountability systems based on THESE EXAMS.  It really does “all come down to this” for a few reasons. Thank you, parents, for encouraging your kiddos to do their best, to get rest and food, and to be ready to show their stuff!!! They can do this!!!  And not only to pass, but to score high because that matters, too!!!--individually and as a campus.

Amid the goodness of this week, we lost one of our champions, Cynthia Keppard. Our hearts have been grieving her passing, and we will not forget her impact on this district and the love she had for each of our students. And though our hearts are heavy, I think the success we experienced this week serves as an honor to what he loved most: seeing students succeed. Rest in Peace, Mrs. Keppard. You made a difference. 

Go Wildcats,
Dr. Bauter